Milton Keynes University Hospital Art Collection


The Art Collection at Milton Keynes Hospital is the largest permanent art collection in Milton Keynes with approximately 400 artworks.

The collection has a strong local element, comprising work that has been commissioned for various occasions from the very beginning of the building of the new town in the 70’s.

Artwork is displayed in the hospital corridors, waiting rooms, consultation rooms and courtyards.


More Information

The collection features art work by Anthony AbrahamsEkkehard Altenburger, Sarah Bament, Emma BiggsBoyd and Evans, Jon BuckEdward DurdeyJamie GutchPatrick HughesSiripan KiddPaul Frank Lewthwaite,  Helen Taylor, Emma Waller and Diana Winkfield.

Click here to view a selection of the work in our collection as featured on the  BBC Your Paintings website.

Photographs by Wendy Grant Photography



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