Title: Now You See Me, an art exhibition

When: Saturday 24th June- Saturday 15th July 2017

Where: Door 15, Silbury Blvd,


Now you See Me is an exhibition of works that showcase the talent of Disabled artists from Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas. The exhibition aims to raise awareness, challenge perceptions and reduce stigma surrounding both physical disability and mental health, whilst also addressing accessibility within the visual arts through a programme of events.

Through the exhibition we hope to raise awareness of the work that Disabled artists can produce regardless of the limitations that society places upon them, recognising that disabled people should have the opportunity to participate fully in the arts.

Curated by Arts for Health Milton Keynes in partnership with MKDAD and, the exhibition showcases 50 works, to coincide with the MK50 celebrations. The exhibition will run from Wednesday 21st June until Saturday 15th July 2017.


Alongside the exhibition will run an events programme aimed at engaging audiences and provoking discussion about accessibility in the visual arts.

Saturday 24th June 2017: Exhibition Opening. Exhibition Space.

Saturday 24th June 2017: Demonstration by artist Keith Jansz, who is a Member Artist of The Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. 11am, Exhibition Space.

Friday 7th July 2017: A workshop with Sally Booth exploring audio description, 1-3pm. Exhibition Space

Thursday 13th July 2017: Art as Advocacy, a talk by Jade French exploring curatorial practice by people with learning disabilities as a tool for self-advocacy. This event is in partnership with MK Gallery as part of their Scratch Night programme. 7pm, MK Gallery

Friday 14th July 2017: Event at the MK Rose to mark the official Milton Keynes Disability Awareness Day, followed by a procession back to the exhibition space for closing event and refreshments. 11am, MK Rose

Notes on Art Selection Panel:

Artwork for the exhibition has been selected through an open submission process, and selected by our art panel consisting of staff from local services, established Disabled artists, art professionals and

The panel consists of:


Keith Jansz: a Member Artist of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists. Keith exhibition some works in the exhibition last year and will be included in this year’s exhibition. He will also be doing a demonstration of his practice for us as part of the events programme.

Caroline Cardus: a visual artist whose work explores the power of language, identity, and disability experience

Anna Berry: a visual artist who creates work surrounding social and politically conscious pieces of work often derived from her experience living with a brain disability.

Anthony Spira:  Director at MK Gallery

Beverly Lumsdon: Marketing and Events Executive at

Steven Carruthers: MKSNAP

Annette Holcroft:  MKCIL

Alison: Artist and resident of Camphill



For further information please contact:

MKDAD 2017: Now You See Me is funded by Milton Keynes Community Foundation





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